Microsoft launches Spartan, the first zkSNARK technology solution that does not require trusted settings

Microsoft (Microsoft) announced the launch of Spartan, an efficient and universal zero-knowledge proof technology solution, which can implement concise non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (zkSNARK) in a shorter time and in a more efficient manner. It is the first The zkSNARK program set by the letter. According to the official introduction, among the public SNARK schemes, Spartan’s zero-knowledge proof verification is the fastest. Depending on the comparison base, the speed is about 36-152 times, and the speed of generating proofs is 1.2-416 times. Compared with the most advanced (requiring trusted settings) zkSNARK solution, for any R1CS instance, Spartan’s verifier is 2 times faster, and data parallel workloads are 16 times faster. At present, the technical solution is under development, and the code base has not yet undergone security review and code audit. In the future, a standardized API interface will be provided.