Open source financial information platform DIA plans to start distribution of governance tokens on the evening of August 3

The open source financial information platform DIA announced that it will officially open the distribution of governance token DIA from 21:00 on August 3 to 21:00 on August 18 (14 days). It plans to issue all governance rights and become a DAO in 2025. This is the first public offering of DIA governance tokens. The goal is to decentralize governance power to the wider DeFi and blockchain ecosystem and raise funds for the continued development of the platform. DIA stated that it will be distributed through a bonding curve distribution mechanism. DIA claims that the mechanism is sustainable, transparent and fair. It can effectively distribute governance, coordinate the interests of teams and communities, ensure accountability and encourage early adoption. Developers and community developers use governance tokens for a long time. The initial price of the joint curve is 0.05U, and the top price is 6.9U. Chain Wen Note: DIA is an open source financial information platform that aims to use encrypted economic incentives to obtain and verify data. Market participants can provide, share and use financial and digital asset data. DIA said that it has received support from well-known venture capital funds, including Outlier Ventures, Continue Capital and TRG Capital, as well as angel investors in the traditional financial sector.