Canaan Technology and Yibang International both launched new Bitcoin mining machines with computing power of 63TH/s and 50TH/s respectively

According to, two Chinese mining machine manufacturing giants, Ebang Communications and Canan Inc., have launched new ASIC mining equipment. Among them, Canaan Technology released a new device AvalonLiner 1146 Pro (63TH / s), power consumption is about 3276 watts, there is no clear offer; Ebony International released E12+ (50 TH / s), power consumption is about 2500 watts, the price 1500 US dollars each. However, these two new devices are not as powerful as the latest devices from Bitmain and Microbt. Note: Ebon International (2020.6.26) and Canaan Technology (2019.11.21) have both been listed on NASDAQ in the United States.