The soaring Ethereum transaction fees on August 2 caused 559 transactions on the Coinbase platform to be delayed, with the longest average delay of 105 minutes

Coinbase’s official blog posted an article on the transaction delay problem caused by the congestion in Ethereum that it had just experienced. On the afternoon of August 2nd, Beijing time, the transaction fees of the Ethereum network soared, causing some deposit/withdrawal delays of Coinbase customers. Beginning at 12:45 Beijing time, a total of 559 transactions were delayed during the peak transaction fee period. The longest average delay reached 105 minutes. The backlog of transactions was 15 minutes after the peak fee (ie 13: Beijing time) 00) Start processing, and all processing will be completed before 14:40. The peak transaction fee ends at 13:05 Beijing time, and all transactions after that are not affected.