Matter Labs launched a new Ethereum Layer2 expansion solution zkPorter, which combines zkRollup and sharding technology

Matter Labs announced the launch of the new Ethereum Layer2 expansion solution zkPorter. zkPorter is a new capacity expansion technology based on zkSNARK. Flexible data availability is the core design goal of zkPorter. Unlike Validium, zkPorter handles data availability by combining zkRollup and sharding technology. It can support any number of shards. Each shard has its own data availability strategy, which is defined by the smart contract within the shard, and the selection of each shard is controlled at the individual account level. zkPorter separates state validity and data availability: state validity is implemented uniformly by zero-knowledge proof, which provides exponential scalability while inheriting Layer 1 security; data availability is entrusted For each shard, they are free to experiment with different solutions. Matter Labs stated that zkRollup can currently achieve a performance of 3000 TPS on ETH1.0, and it is conservatively estimated (depending on the implementation details of ETH2.0) that it can handle at least 20000 TPS on sharded ETH2.0, but zkPorter’s goal is to support data. The needs of one billion users need to further reduce costs and improve performance.