Polkadot DeFi platform Acala Mandala TC4 testnet has effective registered users exceeding 10,000 in the past 7 days

According to data from Subscan.io, one week after Polkadot’s DeFi platform Acala launched its new season of Candy Festival, the number of valid registered users on the Mandala TC4 testnet has reached 12,000, and a total of 90,000 signature transactions have been created. During the event, the lock-up amount reached 5.1 million. In US dollars, 1,055 renBTC were minted, and 2.433 million aUSD were traded on the Laminar platform. This week, 2,105 addresses have received the first round of candy rewards. Acala announced that it will open a cross-chain trading competition this week, and next week will simulate the “312 Black Thursday” market emergency shutdown of the flash event. Note: The Acala Candy Festival united multiple projects (Laminar, Polkawallet, Ren, Polkaworld) to support the use of aUSD to complete the margin trading of synthetic assets and the use of renBTC to open over-collateralized loans, release the liquidity of DOT pledged assets with one click, and users participate The event has a chance to share 41000 ACA (main network) and 41000 KAR (advance network).