AZTEC reveals dual ZK Rollup technology to reduce Ethereum privacy transaction costs

Ethereum-based privacy technology solution AZTEC, publicly known as ZK² Rollup, combines ZK Rollup, an Ethereum expansion solution that improves transaction throughput, and ZK-SNARKs, a zero-knowledge proof technology that enhances the privacy characteristics of each transaction. Reduce the cost of private transactions in the Ethereum network. ZK² Rollup is also known as ZK ZK Rollup. The first ZK is to use the “succinctness” in SNARKs technology to improve the scalability of the network. Combine multiple transactions into one to reduce transaction costs. The second ZK is Using SNARKs as a privacy technology, every ordinary transaction before the merger is upgraded to a private transaction. AZTEC believes that the technical difficulties of ZK² Rollup include: verifying SNARK in SNARK will cause “recursive” problems, additional extra costs when the status is updated, and provable randomness. The zero-knowledge proof used by AZTEC is based on PLONK technology, a new technology created by AZTEC’s Chief Technology Officer Zac Williamson and Chief Scientist Ariel Gabizon (former researcher at Filecoin’s parent company Protocol Labs) to support universal or renewable ” “Trusted setup” and a significant performance improvement over Sonic.