Huobi established DeFi Lab, led by Huobi Chief Investment Officer Sharlyn Wu

Huobi announced the establishment of a DeFi laboratory, which will focus on DeFi (decentralized finance) research, investment, incubation, and ecological construction. It also plans to build a better financial system through cooperation with the global encryption field and the DeFi community in the future. Huobi DeFi Lab will be led by Huobi Chief Investment Officer Sharlyn Wu, who worked at UBS and led blockchain investment at CMB International. Huobi Group stated that it will invest tens of millions of US dollars as an initial investment fund, which will be managed by Huobi DeFi Lab. At the beginning of its establishment, the team will be composed of four professional research and investment personnel. The DeFi laboratory will focus on three major areas: 1. Research on underlying financial theory and technology; 2. Investment and incubation of DeFi projects; 3. Same high-quality DeFi projects Together, serve Huobi users and the entire ecosystem.