dForce launches three fund pools in the first phase of liquidity mining, which will last until August 24

Decentralized financial protocol dForce announced the launch of the first phase of the liquidity mining program, launching three pools: Champagne Tower Pool (dToken), Gold Rush Pool (GOLDx and USDx) and Singularity Pool (DF and USDx). The dForce protocol will distribute the protocol’s native token DF to an address that provides liquidity. The first phase of liquidity mining activities will last from August 3 to August 24. dForce said, “Our liquidity mining will take the greatest incentives to enable the champagne tower (liquidity) to flow down the river and benefit each layer of the agreement. The first phase will be launched as an tentative plan, and then It will be dynamically adjusted according to demand.” In addition, dForce plans to introduce incentive schemes for different protocol combinations in different stages. Liquid mining is still in the experimental stage, and it is constantly summing up experience and exploring the best incentive scheme.