XRP Q2 report: Total sales increased by more than 17 times to 32.55 million U.S. dollars, continuing to suspend programmatic sales

Ripple released its market report for the second quarter of 2020. The report pointed out: 1. The total sales of XRP in the second quarter reached 32.55 million US dollars, an increase of more than 17 times compared with the first quarter (1.75 million US dollars); 2. Ripple will continue to suspend programmatic sales and focus only on its over-the-counter (OTC) Sales; 3. The total sales in the second quarter accounted for only 18 basis points (0.18%) of the CCTT data, compared to 0.6 basis points (0.006%) in the first quarter; 4. The XRP transaction volume reported by CCTT is from 2019 The first quarter began to decline. The average daily trading volume of XRP in the second quarter of this year was US$192.6 million; 5. The standard deviation of XRP’s daily income in the second quarter was 3.0%, which was lower than the 6.2% in the first quarter. This means that the volatility of XRP in the second quarter has been greatly reduced; 6. In the second quarter, 3 billion XRP was released from custody again (1 billion per month), of which 2.6 billion XRP returned to custody.