Chromia launches Hedget, a decentralized option trading protocol, and Hedget Foundation will issue native token HGET

The blockchain project Chromia announced the launch of the decentralized option trading protocol “Hedget”, which allows investors to create and trade different option products on the chain, and can hedge the risks brought by price fluctuations and mortgage positions. In addition, the agreement also uses the Chromia blockchain to increase the support for the second-tier network to make transactions faster and lower costs. The Hedget Foundation will issue the native token HGET for purposes such as governance and preventing API overloads. Malcolm Lerider, former senior R&D manager of NEO and head of the Chromia China blockchain team, will serve as the CEO of the foundation. HGET will be issued on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token and will have representation on the Chromia sidechain. Hedget will be deployed on the Chromia mainnet to promote the use of Chromia and expand its ecosystem. This means that when using CHR to rent resources in the future, you can trade with other DeFi DApps based on Chromia. In addition, the Hedget Foundation will use CHR tokens in the public sale of HGET. The public sale will be conducted in the form of auction, and participation in the public sale requires CHR pledge. Chain Wen noted that Chromia is a technology platform developed by Swedish technology company ChromaWay, which aims to allow developers to easily deploy DApps. ChromaWay completed a $15 million angel round of financing in October 2018.