Temer’s first game Emergents will be tested in April

The first game based on Tezos, Emergents, will launch an alpha beta in April, which can be booked through the official website. Emergents is an exchange card game similar to Hearthstone, developed by Coase, a game company founded by Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman. The company’s core characters include former Magic professional Zvi Mowshowitz, former Pokemon and Magic Brand developer Alan Comer, game designer Brian David-Marshall. According to the previous report by Ewengent, Emergents allows players to easily trade desired cards based on Uniswap-like automated market maker platforms. Coase combines the primary and secondary markets into one, which will be the buyer and seller of Emergents cards. It is a market maker and distributes cards through a joint curve. Similar to the liquid market maker Uniswap, cards have a fixed supply. Based on algorithms, prices will fluctuate with demand. The entire project is based on Tezos, so all transactions are based on its native token XTZ, but Coase will hide the transaction tokens and present them in fiat currency for those who are not encrypted.