Hurun Report released the 2020 Global Unicorn List, with Ripple, Coinbase, Bitmain and Kraken on the list

Hurun Report released the “2020 Hurun Global Unicorn List”. Blockchain companies on the list include: Ripple (valued at 70 billion yuan, up 35 billion yuan, and ranking up 28 places to 23rd), Coinbase (estimated Value of 55 billion yuan, ranking down 1 place 31st), Bitmain (valuation down 50 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan, ranking down 50th to 70th), Kraken (valuation 30 billion yuan, ranking tied for 70th) Bit). Bitmain has become one of the five unicorn companies with the largest decline in valuation. Hu Run said: “The decline in Bitmain’s valuation is mainly due to the average share price performance of Jianan Zhizhi after its listing, and the valuation of the blockchain industry is under pressure. “