Hakka Finance releases AMM-based decentralized stable currency flash swap tool BlackHoleSwap white paper

Hakka Finance released a white paper on the decentralized stable currency flash swap tool BlackHoleSwap. BlackHoleSwap is a decentralized stablecoin flash swap tool based on automated market maker (AMM) designed by the HAKKA team for stablecoins. BlackHoleSwap deposits the reserve currency in the lending platform. When the inventory of one of the currencies in the trading pair is exhausted and there is still demand in the market, BlackHoleSwap will use another currency as collateral to lend the required currency from the lending platform to complete Transaction has the characteristics of low slippage, almost unlimited liquidity and extremely high capital utilization rate. BlackHoleSwap currently only supports a limited number of stable currencies. When Compound Finance or other lending agreements support more stable currencies as collateral, BlackHoleSwap will list more stable currency trading pairs. Chain Wen noted that the founder of Hakka Finance is Ethereum developer Chen Pin, and the founder of Ethereum smart contract and decentralized application developer Pelith. Chen Pinxiang Lianwen said that Hakka means “Hakka”, which symbolizes the “Hakka spirit of reducing all unnecessary expenses” currently needed in the DeFi field.