Monero creates BTC/XMR atomic swap agreement

The privacy coin Monero announced the completion of the study on Monero Atomic Swaps, and created the first protocol for swapping Bitcoin and Monero, namely the BTC/XMR atomic swap protocol. The working method of the agreement is as follows: 1. Lock the XMR for atomic swap in the addresses generated by the two participants. These addresses are not completely controlled by any party, because each party can only access half of the keys to ensure the security of the cross-chain exchange; 2. The two parties participating in the atomic swap need to pass the cross-group discrete logarithmic equation zkp to each other Prove the relevance of the address on the Bitcoin blockchain with the Monero blockchain; 3. Use the Bitcoin script and ECDSA to obtain some private keys. In the next step, Monero will confirm an effective implementation plan on the mainnet, and submit a proposal to the Monero community if necessary.