Baidu Super Chain officially released “Baidu Super Chain Open Network White Paper”

Baidu Super Chain officially released the “Baidu Super Chain Open Network White Paper”. The Super Chain Open Network (XuperOS) is a basic blockchain service network based on open source technology completely independently developed by Baidu, which will share revenue with network participants. The open network of the super chain adopts the XPoS consensus, and the super nodes in the network are full nodes with the right to keep accounts that are voted by resource holders. The super chain open network supports 25 super nodes (there are currently 17 nodes), and the super nodes take turns out of blocks in order. In the open super chain network, all resource usage adopts resource settlement, and resources are the energy that drives the operation of the open network. Users can recharge on the platform to obtain resources for various requests and services in the open super chain network. The total amount of resources is 10 billion, and the resources do not support peer-to-peer transfers. There are currently only two modes of obtaining resources, one of which is to purchase resources from the platform to support the operation of DApps. The other is to become one of the 25 super nodes and provide services in exchange for resources. Xiao Wei, general manager of Baidu Blockchain, said, “This open superchain network uses smart contract accounts to manage contracts and does not have a mining mechanism. Participants in the network co-construction have two profit models, namely, obtaining loans and judicial services. Revenue, and the business side pays for the party providing the resources.”