EOS Ecological DeFi Project Organix Becomes the Third Supporting Project of Hufu’s DeFi Special Development Fund

The cryptocurrency trading platform Hufu Hoo announced that the EOS ecological DeFi project Organix is ​​the third supporting project of its DeFi special development fund. Organix is ​​incubated by the TokenPocket team. The project is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and transaction protocol based on EOS. Its goal is to solve the liquidity and diversity of assets on EOS. Hufu will provide Organix with multi-dimensional support in terms of technology, community, and market, and will also cooperate with Organix to provide pledge support for the issuance of synthetic assets. Chain News previously reported that in July this year, Hufu Hoo established a DeFi special development fund to support the steady development of blockchain decentralized finance, and provide incubation support, audit support, and market support for potential DeFi projects.