BCH developers and the Bitcoin ABC team have a disagreement over the new difficulty algorithm Grasberg

BCH developer jtoomim (Jonathan Toomim) issued a post accusing the Bitcoin ABC team of pushing the new dynamic difficulty adjustment (DAA) algorithm Grasberg, which ignores some important facts. He stated that Grasberg will change the BCH token generation schedule. In the next 6.5 years, the supply of BCH will be reduced by 11.11%, and the block generation speed will be reduced by 12.5%. This number is chosen by the Bitcoin ABC team at will without any explanation. At the previous BCH DAA meeting, most developers rejected the Grasberg plan. Grasberg seems to be only supported by the Bitcoin ABC team. If Bitcoin ABC tries to promote the implementation of the Grasberg plan in the November upgrade, it may lead to a fork of BCH. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in a reply to netizens on Twitter that people who do not understand the BCH team are so concerned about the details of the difficulty adjustment algorithm. He said, “I am optimistic that the development of BCH will be improved after CSW exits. This is definitely one of my worst predictions.” Blockstream co-founder Gregory Maxwell then expressed his agreement with the views of BCH developer jtoomim and expressed his opinion on BCH development. Andrew Stone made a verbal attack.