Bitfinex offers a reward of up to $400 million to recover stolen bitcoins in 2016

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex launched a hacker reward program for stolen bitcoins in 2016. Bitfinex stated that the reward program is intended to recover lost bitcoins. Those who help Bitfinex establish contact with hackers will get 5% of the final recovery of all assets (or equivalent funds or assets calculated at current market prices). For hackers who voluntarily return bitcoins, they will get 25% of all property recovered. Excluding the 27 bitcoins that have been recovered in 2019, based on the current price of bitcoins, the total rewards of the project can reach up to about 400 million US dollars. Chain Wen noted that in the summer of 2016, Bitfinex was hacked, resulting in the theft of nearly 120,000 Bitcoins.