Opyn Ethereum put options were maliciously exploited, and more than 370,000 USDC was stolen

Opyn, an on-chain options platform, wrote an article to disclose that its Ethereum put options were maliciously exploited by external participants last night. Opyn pointed out that all other Opyn contracts except Ethereum put options are not affected by this vulnerability. The attacker doubled the use of oToken and stole the pledged assets of the put option seller. According to Opyn statistics, a total of 371,260 USDC has been stolen so far. The Opyn team conducted a white hat hacking attack based on the Convexity Protocol and successfully recovered 439,170 USDC from the unpaid vault to further reduce the loss. Currently, the Opyn team has withdrawn its liquidity from Uniswap’s Ethereum bearish capital pool and is investigating the situation. In addition, in order to ensure the liquidity of existing oToken holders, Opyn will continue to purchase all Ethereum put oTokens (ETH Put oToken) that were not repaid at the time of the exploit at a price 20% higher than the market price of Deribit. Once these measures are taken, Opyn will immediately cooperate with samczsun of Trail of Bits, a security research organization, to develop a white hat patch program that will allow Opyn to delete 439,170 USDC of collateralized assets from the unpaid vault in order to safely sell the seller Provide mortgage assets.