Chicago DeFi Alliance launches accelerator program for DeFi startups

The Chicago DeFi Alliance (Chicago DeFi Alliance, CDA) launched an accelerator program called “Accelerate DeFi” to help DeFi projects build, deploy and expand their platforms. The program will last for 8 weeks starting on August 24, and application channels are now open. The alliance will provide two types of projects, the fast track plan and the early-stage startup plan. Among them, the early start-up plan will help start-up co-founders achieve rapid growth in areas such as professional knowledge. The fast-track plan aims to help more mature start-ups formulate growth strategies. Chain News previously reported that Volt Capital, Jump Trading, CMT Trading and DRW Trading announced the establishment of the Chicago DeFi Alliance on April 8 this year, aiming to integrate the Chicago crypto trading company with global DeFi projects. Its first members include TD Ameritrade. , DV Trading, Arca, dYdX and Compound. At the end of May, the alliance announced the official inclusion of the first batch of DeFi projects, including 0x, dYdX, Kyber Network, IDEX, opyn, Set Protocol and Synthetix.