Decentralized auction tool Improves transaction mining rules, plans to establish a governance committee and destroy private keys

The announcement based on the Ethereum-based bulk auction tool stated that due to the early supporters and the community complaints about the daily BOT governance token rewards for the amount of giant whales, it was decided to change the reward rules of transaction mining. A single transaction greater than 80 ETH will count this transaction as 80 ETH in the reward calculation. bounce.fiance also announced that it will start the governance committee within a few weeks and plans to destroy the private key. Chain Wen previously reported that BOT is the protocol governance token of, and other functions and the repurchase and destruction model may also be added. is an auction tool that can be used to exchange tokens, but unlike Uniswap protocols, it needs to set the upper limit and duration of each auction. Funds that exceed the upper limit will be bounced back (bounce ) To the user.