Non-profit organization Human Rights Foundation provides Bitcoin funding to three developers

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization based in New York, announced that it will provide funding to three developers, Evan Kaloudis, Openoms, and Fontaine, with a funding amount of 1 BTC per person. Chain Wen noted that Openoms is the founder of JoinInbox, who focuses on the development of decentralized anonymous protocols. Evan Kaloudis is the founder of Zeus, who is dedicated to the development and research of Bitcoin privacy and Lightning Network. Fontaine is the creator of the open source iOS app Fully Noded. According to previous reports from Chain News, the Human Rights Foundation established the Bitcoin Development Fund in June to support software developers who make the Bitcoin network more privatized, decentralized, and flexible. The purpose is to help Bitcoin better serve Activists and civil society organizations around the world.