Dark pool WOOTRADE and MOV reached a strategic cooperation to jointly improve the on-chain transaction experience

The decentralized transaction agreement MOV officially accesses the WOOTRADE liquidity dark pool, and the two parties have reached a strategic cooperation. In the future, they will also cooperate in the exploration of user incentive mechanisms and global brand expansion. MOV is a decentralized cross-chain value transaction protocol that provides users with asset transactions and exchanges on the chain, and is committed to building a heterogeneous and integrated ecosystem of diverse asset value exchange collaborations. The dark pool WOOTRADE was incubated by Kronos Research, the industry’s top quantitative investment and research institution, and has successively obtained investments from Fenbushi Capital, DFund, SNZ, Hashkey Capital and Vector Capital. WOOTRADE said, “At present, it can provide customers with 0.2% liquidity of the spread at the depth of 100BTC, and the transaction fee is as low as 0.”