CryptoKitties development team Dapper Labs’ NFT game NBA Top Shot conducts public beta testing for invited users

According to The Block report, the latest NFT game, NBA Top Shot, the blockchain game CryptoKitties development team Dapper Labs, has sold NBA-themed digital collection cards worth 1.2 million US dollars. These digital cards have been sold through the Flow platform. There are currently more than 900 games. NBA Top Shot is an active user. Currently, NBA Top Shot has started the public beta for invitees. The chain notes that NBA Top Shot is a sports game that combines basketball manager and NFT. Players can have action NFTs (non-homogeneous tokens) like “James Dunk” and “Curry Three Points”. It can also be used in the secondary market. Dapper Labs announced a partnership with the NBA and NBPA in late July 2019. Flow was built by Dapper Labs to solve many of the challenges the team encountered when starting and running on Ethereum. Flow includes a high-throughput platform where developers can build applications for NTF that can be used by millions of people.