Huobi upgrades risk control to crack down on illegal production and helps the Public Prosecution and Justice Department locate and freeze a number of illegal production accounts

Huobi’s latest announcement shows that Huobi has completed the largest anti-money laundering risk control strategy upgrade this year. The new rules have added a time-limit and limited withdrawal strategy and further refined the handling measures for high-risk behaviors, covering all scenarios such as login, OTC transactions, transfers, currency transactions, deposit and withdrawal, and on-chain data. The relevant person in charge of Huobi stated that Huobi has always adhered to a zero tolerance for money laundering and continued to upgrade its anti-money laundering risk control strategy. Since the beginning of this year, it has cooperated with public prosecutors and judicial departments in many places to crack down on money laundering and fund transactions, and has assisted relevant departments in many places to freeze A batch of black production accounts arrested multiple suspects. The recent freezing of cards is aimed at accounts involving black production, and normal user accounts are not affected. It is reported that the public security, procuratorate and legal departments in more than ten regions have issued thank-you letters to Huobi.