The open network platform NEAR Protocol will open a public offering on August 11, and three options can be selected according to the lock-up time

The open network platform NEAR Protocol has opened public offering registration. The public offering time is from August 11 to August 13, and the public offering platform is Coinlist. The Near token sale is divided into three options according to the lock-up time. The lock-up time is 40 days, the price of each token is 0.4 US dollars, and the upper limit is 25 million. Locked for 1 year, the price of each token is 0.34 USD. Locked for two years, the price of each token is US$0.29, and the minimum purchase amount is 500 tokens. This public sale is for non-US participants, excluding certain jurisdictions. The chain notes that according to the NEAR economic model, the initial issuance of the full-featured mainnet is 1 billion tokens. As a PoS public chain, the NEAR pledge inflation rate is set to 5%, 90% of the NEAR tokens issued each year are allocated to staking nodes, and the other 10% is included in the protocol reserve. Earlier, NEAR announced that it would launch the mainnet in three stages, and the first phase of the POA mainnet has been launched. The team previously announced the completion of USD 21.6 million in financing, led by a16z, and another 40 investment institutions participated in this round of financing.