The co-director of the U.S. SEC law enforcement department will leave and has participated in a number of ICO, digital asset and other enforcement actions

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Steven Peikin, the co-head of law enforcement, will resign on the 14th of this month, after which Stephanie Avakian will continue to serve as director. According to the chain, Peikin joined the SEC in 2017. During his tenure, the SEC collected more than $13.5 billion in fines for illegal activities and orders and returned more than $3.1 billion to the victims. Steven Peikin and Stephanie Avakian established a cyber department in 2017 to be responsible for combating cyber threats and intrusions, as well as illegal or fraudulent activities related to digital assets, ICOs, and distributed ledger technologies. Steven Peikin pointed out in 2018 that the fight against illegal ICOs requires international cooperation, and law enforcement actions are recommended when necessary.