CasperLabs opens pre-sale at BitMax at 10pm tonight, priced at $ 0.01

The BitMax Exchange released an announcement saying that the public chain project CasperLabs (CLX) will start a pre-sale CLX event for BitMax users at 22:00 today. Successful purchases will receive 55% discount and multiple benefits. This node round pre-sale is the first token sale of CasperLabs across the entire network, with an offer price of $ 0.01 and a target pre-sale amount of $ 3 million. Decide on the purchase result. BitMax also stated that during the pre-sale period, ordinary users will have the opportunity to purchase CLX tokens at a discounted price of 55% lower than the planned public offering before and after the CasperLabs mainnet launch. Users who successfully purchase in the first two rounds will receive up to 10% additional purchase rewards. Users who successfully apply for the CasperLabs node round pre-sale will also receive triple benefits: Initial income: 15% annualized income before the mainnet launch; Pledged income: token pledged income after the mainnet launch , It is estimated that the annualized rate is more than 15%; network fee income: After the main network goes online, the network fee will be allocated to the verification node.