Lawyer Kleiman Fang: The testimony of Satoshi Oben’s ex-wife showed that he misled the court on the nature of the Tulip Trust

According to Coindesk, the recent testimony of Lynn Wright, the ex-wife of Craig Wright, showed that the court had misled the court regarding the nature of the Tulip Trust. Lynn Wright said last month that she previously owned a third of Satoshi’s company, W&K Info Defense Research, and later this interest was transferred to another Satoshi’s company, Craig Wright R&D, which was later renamed Tulip Trust. It regained its ownership interest in July 2020. The estate lawyer of the late David Kleiman disputed the validity of the testimony, saying that Ms. Lynn Wright’s testimony meant that Satoshi Aubon’s previous statement (that the Tulip Trust is a confidential trust) was incorrect. The Tulip Trust is now obviously only a company associated with Satoshi Oban changed its name, rather than being a confidential trust as previously said. The lawyer also claimed that Lynn Wright’s testimony was inconsistent, apparently with the intention of deceiving them and the judge. There is no evidence that she ever owned, renounced or regained the interest in W&K. According to the chain’s note, a blind trust refers to the trustor’s transfer of property investment to the trustee. The trustee does not disclose the investment situation to anyone and is not affected by the trustor in principle.