xDai launches EasyStaking, a pledge platform with an annual interest rate of up to 15%

The USD stablecoin blockchain project and the multi-chain mortgage token xDai (STAKE) launched the pledge platform EasyStaking for STAKE holders, which will provide rewards to pledgers and liquidity providers based on the pledge time and pledge amount, with an annual interest rate of up to 15% %. In addition, xDai will launch a liquidity mining plan on Uniswap, and the liquidity fund pool will be the STAKE/ETH fund pool. Rewards for liquidity providers will be released from time to time every week. In addition to being used as a standalone application, EasyStaking can also be integrated into hardware wallets and other applications. According to the official information of the chain, the xDai Foundation will put all the STAKE tokens it receives into the EasyStaking protocol before the end of the year, and will not be sold in the secondary market, in order to increase the supply of EasyStaking, including July 22 Nearly 140,000 tokens unlocked every day and tokens received every day before the end of the year. The chain notes that xDai Chain is a USD stablecoin blockchain jointly launched by the MakerDAO Foundation and POA Network. It aims to create a fast, cheap and stable trading platform, using stablecoin xDai (decentralized by Ethereum) The stable currency Dai is exchanged at a 1:1 ratio on the side chain) as the basic token for transactions and payment of gas fees, and through STAKE tokens, with the help of the proof-of-stake algorithm-POSDAO for accounting and governance.