Deepcoin founder Eagle: Things that change the contract market pattern in 2020 will happen outside the contract

In the Greater Bay Area·International Block Week event, Eagle, the founder of the exchange Deepcoin, said that the exchange track is in a homogenous competition, and the front line is long and open before the supervision and demographic dividend disappear. In 2020, the contract market will be changed. Things will happen outside of the contract. In the past two years, the original players have basically been upgraded. At the same time, a group of new players have used turning points to enter the industry and even overtake on corners. The process is not over yet. On the other hand, the big survival logic of the entire industry is regulatory arbitrage, and the demographic dividend is huge, and the front line will be long and open. From a macro perspective, the potential inflection point factors of the entire industry will be far more than in the past two years. The external environment, such as the global epidemic, political and economic situation, and the internal perspective, the blockchain industry is also very active this year. “I believe that 2020 will change. Things in the contract market pattern will happen outside of the contract.”