The first case of My Care in the food sector based on VeChain blockchain technology is De Cecco, Italy

DNV GL announced the issuance of the My Care infection risk management compliance statement supported by VeChain blockchain technology to De Cecco, the world’s third largest pasta manufacturer. De Cecco can use My Care to prove the completeness of its own epidemic prevention procedures and measures. This is the first successful landing of My Care in the food industry after the shipping and hotel industries. Mr. Lu Yang, co-founder and CEO of VeChain, said: “Under the influence of the epidemic, public health and safety awareness has never been higher. VeChain ToolChain, a one-stop blockchain data platform independently developed by VeChain, has a great It has irreplaceable advantages in terms of development and easy collaboration. The food industry’s needs in supply chain management and cross-border trade can be solved by it. We will work with DNV GL to promote the digitalization of blockchain including My Care Large-scale application of products.”