Nasdaq-listed Riot Blockchain reveals new crown pneumonia outbreak or affects its cryptocurrency mining business

The Nasdaq-listed company Riot Blockchain stated in its annual report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the worst business scenario that the company may encounter under the new crown pneumonia epidemic includes the isolation of mining staff and the supply chain in the Limitations and inability to operate properly in the event of a mine closure. Riot Blockchain also stated that “if miners cannot be effectively served, their cryptocurrency mining business will be adversely affected as miners lower their limits.” Lianwen previously reported that Riot Blockchain announced in February this year to expand its mining business in Oklahoma City, and purchased 1,060 Antminer S17 Pro devices from Bitmain on February 11 this year. Previously, the company deployed in January With 3,000 AntmMiner miners of the same model, Riot Blockchain hopes to increase the company’s overall Bitcoin computing power by 240% by adding new miners. Also affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, California-based cryptocurrency mining company Digital Farms announced this week that it will cease operations.