US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce will be re-elected as a second term member

The Executive Council of the United States Senate confirmed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) member Hester Peirce will be re-elected for a second term, and his second term will expire in 2025. Chain Wen previously reported that in early June, US President Trump nominated Hester Peirce for a second term. According to the chain, Hester Peirce took office in 2018 and is friendly to cryptocurrency and blockchain, and advocates the approval of Bitcoin ETF. In February of this year, Hester Peirce formally proposed to provide a 3-year grace period for cryptocurrency projects that do not violate US securities laws. In addition, it also issued a statement against the SEC’s rejection of the Bitcoin ETF, stating that its overall mentality hindered institutionalization and innovation.