Tether completes an additional issuance of 120 million USDT and pre-issuance of another 500 million

The Beijing Chainsmap monitoring system found that on the afternoon of August 6, Beijing time, Tether added 500 million USDT to the ERC20 USDT pre-issuance pool. This means that once the instruction is finally executed, the additional issuance of 500 million ERC20 USDT will be completed directly. However, judging from the previous similar large-scale issuance of Tether, it is more for the switch of different standards of USDT, so it is not ruled out that this is to prepare for the switch from other standards of USDT to ERC20 standards. In the evening of the same day, Tether completed an additional issuance of 120 million ERC20 USDT, of which 100 million USDT flowed into the Binance Exchange through an intermediate address. This is also 38 days later Binance once again accepted a large amount of USDT through the intermediate address.