The Layer2 cross-chain protocol MOV launched by Bytom is officially launched

The decentralized cross-chain Layer2 value exchange protocol MOV launched by Bytom is officially launched. Biyuan Chain said that the MOV protocol consists of three core modules: the value exchange engine magnetic contract (Magnet), the decentralized cross-chain gateway (OFMF), and the Layer 2 high-speed side chain (Vapor). It is committed to building a heterogeneous and diversified diversified asset. Value exchange collaboration ecology. At the same time, the first phase after MOV went online realized two functions of asset cross-chain and exchange of BTM, USDT, and ETH. In the second phase, the BTC, MOV stablecoin system will be launched, and various ecological access will be opened. Biyuan Chain also said that MOV is an open ecosystem, and all kinds of heterogeneous project parties in the decentralized financial system, including wallets, exchanges, security facilities, regulatory audits, liquidity facilities, etc. can be added. Participate in ecological co-governance.