DeFi money market protocol DMM releases governance dashboard, including four functions of exchange, pledge, liquidity mining and voting

DeFi Money Market Agreement DMM Foundation announced the launch of a community governance dashboard. The chain news query found that the dashboard mainly includes four pages: 1. Exchange (Swap) tab, allowing users to purchase governance tokens DMG to vote in DMM DAO and other activities; 2. Income tab, which will be used later Carry out pledge activities; 3. Farm selection card, which will later be used for liquidity mining; 4. Voting tab. Currently, there are only two pages to choose from, exchange and voting, and DMM will focus on implementing and improving the voting page in the near future. In addition, the DMM DAO initial voting parameters have been set up, specifically: 1. The minimum requirement for voting is 0.2% of the total supply (500,000 DMG); 2. The proposal creation requires 0.04% of the total supply (100,000 DMG); 3. The voting time is three days after creation. These parameters will be fine-tuned by DMM DAO in the future based on the new proposal. The first vote on whether the DMM ecosystem should add support for USDT will be held in the near future.