Polkadot Parachain test network Rococo has not yet activated XCMP and other functions

Polkadot (DOT) officially announced that the Polkadot parachain testnet Rococo will be reset many times to follow the latest version and maintain stability. Rococo currently cannot guarantee complete and stable functions, and with the official bug fixes and improvement of the code base, functions such as HRMP may be deleted and added again. Currently Rococo has not activated functions such as XCMP (cross-chain messaging, enabling direct messaging from parachains to parachains) and “hot swapping” of independently operating Substrate chains with parachains. However, these features are planned to be used in future versions of Cumulus on Rococo. Link News previously reported that Polkadot has released a new relay test network, Rococo, which includes three parts: Tick Parachain 1 test network, Trick Parachain 2 test network, and Track Parachain 3 test network. They support sending messages to Relay chain, and pass messages between each other through the relay chain. At present, Polkadot’s test network also includes Westend and Substrate’s test network Flaming Fir.