Decentralized stablecoin Meter releases ERC 20 version token eMTRG

The decentralized stablecoin Meter releases the ERC 20 version of the governance token MTRG, eMTRG. Meter and Ethereum Bridge will have a limited capacity of 1.5 million EMTR and 3 million EMTRG. eMTRG will be launched on UNISWAP at 17:00 on August 9th. The chain notes that Meter is a DeFi infrastructure with a built-in PoW stablecoin. Its core base currency is the low-volatility token MTR generated by PoW mining. DeFi application developers can use Meter as a programmable Layer1 infrastructure with MTR as a secure exchange medium, as a side chain of other blockchain public chains, to realize the value interaction of encrypted assets across the chain. Ethereum is the first blockchain that Meter built a bridge.