OKCoin becomes the first global front-line exchange to independently apply for a Japanese digital currency exchange license

The Oke Group announced that its subsidiary, OKCoin Japan, successfully passed the approval of the Japan Financial Services Agency and won the Japanese Digital Currency Exchange license. The Eurotech Group stated that OKCoin has become the first and currently the only digital currency exchange in the world’s top exchanges to be approved by the Japan Financial Services Agency through an independent application. At the same time, OKCoin Japan, as a compliant exchange under the supervision of the Japanese Financial Services Agency, and has a Japanese currency channel, will provide services to individuals living in Japan or registered companies in Japan in the future. The first batch of five digital currencies including BTC, BCH, and ETH are listed on the Japanese Yen legal currency transaction and currency trading. OKCoin told Lianwen that there have been many opportunities to acquire Japanese licensed companies at a price of about US $ 10 million, but it still insists on obtaining it by independent application. The main reason is that OKCoin wants its own technology, products, teams, and compliance. The system and internal management system have been reviewed and confirmed by the Japanese regulatory authorities.