ETC Labs teamed up with Kobre & Kim and CipherTrace to launch a cyber attack investigation and file criminal proceedings against the attacker

ETC Labs, the core development and accelerator organization of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, announced that in addition to seeking technical solutions, it has cooperated with cross-border dispute and investigation companies Kobre & Kim to seek legal remedies, and cooperated with the authorities through the cryptocurrency intelligence company CipherTrace , To investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the recent attacks on the Ethereum Classic blockchain and initiate related criminal charges. Chain Wen previously reported that on August 1st, the attacker spent only 17.5 BTC to implement a 12-hour attack on the entire ETC network, with a total profit of over 800,000 ETC. On August 6, ETC encountered another cyber attack, which has caused more than 4,000 blocks to be reorganized. The ETC community subsequently stated that the attack on Ethereum Classic is an illegal and criminal act and will be investigated to the end.