DODO, a decentralized trading platform based on the active market maker algorithm, will be launched on August 15

DeFi Labs founder Dai Shichao announced the launch of DODO, a next-generation on-chain liquidity solution based on the active market maker algorithm. Dai Shichao said that this is a brand new decentralized trading platform. DODO can provide 10 times lower slippage than Uniswap by connecting to the oracle. In addition, DODO’s features include only needing to provide a single asset as a liquidity provider, thereby avoiding impermanent losses and holding risks, and supporting initial asset issuance and lightning exchange. DODO is expected to go live on August 15th. At that time, it will provide ETH and USDC fund pools, and limit the upper limit of liquidity to 1 million US dollars ETH and 1 million US dollars USDC. Later, liquidity mining and other incentives may be introduced Measures. The other two founders of DODO are Wang Qi, a serial entrepreneur in cryptocurrency, and Lei Mingda, a senior developer of smart contracts and market making.