FTX will launch DeFi project Serum Pass SRM on August 11

The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX plans to launch the DeFi project Serum Pass SRM at 9:30 pm on August 11. After SRM goes online, FTT holders of the FTX platform will enjoy weekly SRM airdrop benefits. The airdrop rules are as follows: 1. Users who hold 500 FTT or more will be eligible to participate in the SRM airdrop; 2. For every 500 FTT held, they will receive 2 SRM airdrops with no airdrop cap; 3. FTT holdings snapshots will be taken randomly , The airdrop will be issued to qualified user wallets after the FTT repurchase is destroyed every Tuesday. Previously, the SRM pre-sale was carried out at FTX this Friday night. The 1,200 bid shares (2500 SRMs per share) provided by the pre-sale, a total of 3 million SRMs, have been sold. The chain notes that Serum is a fully decentralized exchange built on the Solana public chain and supports cross-chain transactions without the trust of a third party. It has obtained a seed round of USD 20 million from many well-known institutions such as Multicoin, Sino Global Capital, etc. Private placement.