YDAO, which aims to fund the yEarn ecosystem, was created

DeFi aggregation revenue agreement yearn.finance tweeted that yDAO, which aims to fund the yEarn ecosystem, has been created by DeFi Rate editor Cooper Turley. Cooper Turley wrote an article describing several key points of yDAO: 1. yDAO’s community funding will be used to further develop the yEarn ecosystem; 2. Anyone can apply for funding related to the development of the yEarn ecosystem; 3. One share = 0.1 YFI is open to anyone; 4. yDAO is built using DAOhaus and MolochV2 standards; 4. yDAO will focus on funding projects, not protocol governance. 5. Currently, yDAO can only support DAI and YFI; 6. yDAO may support smart contract review, project development, UI upgrades, yToken-based products, content creation, YIP bonus, etc. Funding some action plans that are hardly thought out, YFI forks, exchange listings, and over-the-counter transactions.