Decentralized aggregate trading tool 1inch launches automated market maker service Mooniswap

1inch.Exchange, a decentralized aggregate trading tool, announced the launch of an automated market maker (AMM) service “Mooniswap”, allowing users to easily switch between tokens in a decentralized and non-custodial manner. At the same time, liquidity providers can also obtain passive income from transaction fees. Mooniswap is a new generation of automated market makers with virtual balances. Liquidity providers can obtain the profits that arbitrageurs could have obtained. With Mooniswap, 1inch plans to reduce the profit margin of arbitrageurs by introducing a 5-minute delay, thereby reducing short-term losses for liquidity providers. By delaying price updates, market makers will create a highly competitive environment for arbitrageurs, forcing them to trade at lower profitable prices, which in turn will increase the value of liquidity providers. 1inch predicts that Mooniswap will generate 50-200% more revenue for liquidity providers than Uniswap V2. Mooniswap will charge a 0.3% swap fee (Swap Fee) at the initial stage, which can be reduced to 0% later. In addition, Mooniswap also introduced an on-chain transaction volume weighted average price oracle, which will be difficult to manipulate by malicious participants.