Kunming supports the development of blockchain technology and industry, and will grant a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan to the certified blockchain basic platform

Kunming City Government issued the “Kunming City’s Several Policies on Supporting the Development of the Digital Economy (Trial)”. The policy pointed out that in order to accelerate the construction of “digital Kunming” and promote the development of the digital economy, Kunming will support the construction of digital economy infrastructure and the digitization of resources, including support for the development of blockchain technology and industries. Specifically, 1. Support the promotion and application of well-known blockchain basic platforms in Kunming and give subsidies to pilot demonstration application projects. The basic platform that is identified and provides blockchain technology services locally will be given a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan according to 30%, 20%, and 20% of the basic platform construction investment, chain cost, and project investment cost; 2. Priority arrangement A batch of blockchain projects are the key projects of the city’s smart city construction; 3. Encourage local blockchain companies to grow bigger and stronger, and give one time to Kunming companies that are recognized by the State Cyberspace Administration as the name and record number of the domestic blockchain information service 200,000 yuan subsidy; 4. Support the planning and construction of a blockchain computing center. Incorporate the land used for Kunming’s “Hash Power Center” into the overall land use plan of Kunming.