Terry Culver, CEO of ETC Labs: A number of countermeasures have been launched in response to recent attacks, and strong actions will be taken to combat crime

At the 5th Ethereum Community Developers Conference held on August 9-11, Terry Culver, CEO of ETC Labs, gave a speech on the 51% attack on ETC and launched a detailed description of the incident, and conducted problem analysis and Share the solutions the team took after the incident. Terry Culver stated that all PoW blockchains are vulnerable to attacks. These attacks are a wake-up call to anyone who cares about the security of their networks. No matter which community they belong to, market participants should work together to mitigate security risks. In response to recent attacks, the team is currently building a more powerful monitoring and rapid response system, and is actively developing technical implementation schemes to reduce the possibility of attacks and limit the damage that occurs in the event of attacks, and is establishing partnerships with miners and mining pools Relations will bring a higher level of computing power to ETC, has cooperated with law firms and will assist the authorities in criminal investigations, and will take strong actions to combat crime, otherwise we will never be able to gain wider adoption. In addition, Terry Culver also reiterated that the team will continue to work hard to develop ETC into a blockchain based on Ethereum’s proof of work, and said that the team will be deeply committed to tapping the potential of a true public blockchain for a long time.