The second-tier expansion project Celer Network start state Guardian network test network

The second-tier expansion project Celer Network launched the State Guardian Network (SGN) Beta test network. SGN is an efficient, universal, and scalable decentralized “watchtower” side chain that can guarantee the security of state channels and a smooth user experience. SGN will provide decentralized services including protection of user channel status, entrusted receipt of payments, and completion of application connectivity oracles by staking CELR in a decentralized side chain framework. SGN is mainly composed of four parts, namely the main chain (first layer) smart contract, the principal, the side chain (second layer) verifier, and the state channel user. This testnet contains all the functions of Celer’s upcoming phase 1 mainnet. The testnet will be launched in two phases. Phase one has been launched and will last about two weeks starting today, and phase two will be launched in about two weeks. In addition, Celer Network will launch bug bounty and reward programs in the future. Chain Wen previously reported that in mid-February this year, Celer Network announced that it had launched the State Guardian Network Pledge Testnet and announced the open source code.