NEAR Protocol sets the total sale limit of tokens to 100 million, and the initial circulation supply increases by 17.5 million

The open network platform NEAR Protocol has updated the token distribution and supply model. The main updates are as follows: 1. The total sales limit of NEAR tokens is 100 million, of which, the token sale option locks up to 25 million for 40 days. 2. The initial circulation supply of tokens has increased by 17.50 million. Chain Wen previously reported that NEAR Protocol had previously opened the registration of public offerings, and the public offering time was from August 11 to August 13, and the public offering platform was Coinlist. The NEAR token sale is divided into three options according to the length of lock-up time. The lock-up time is 40 days, the price of each token is 0.4 U.S. dollars, and the upper limit is 25 million. Locked for 1 year, the price of each token is 0.34 USD. Locked for two years, the price of each token is $0.29, and the minimum purchase amount is 500 tokens.